PatentProse is a boutique IP Service firm that focuses exclusively on providing high quality Intellectual property services in the Philippines - more specifically on patents, trademarks and copyrights.


Established in 2001 and with almost two decades of experience in the IP field in the Philippines, we are totally dedicated to the needs of our clients whose interests come first at all times. We believe that the best way to cultivate the trust of our clients is to provide them with the most efficient way of protecting their IP interests in the Philippines.We aim to always communicate clearly and accurately.We ensure that we are always abreast with latest developments or changes in regulations or any trends related to IP. We are committed to providing high quality, fast and personalized service that exceeds our clients' expectations.We strive for excellence and the highest ethical standards in everything that we do.


Our vision is to be recognized as anIP service provider that is preferred over large law firms in the Philippines and with whom businesses desire to associate, because our firm delivers exceptional IP services

We are guided by these shared values

Honesty & Integrity

We strive for the highest standards of honesty and ethics


Our work is handled in the most timely and efficient manner

Excellence & Professionalism

We are driven to excellence in every process and procedure

Trust & Respect

We strive for respect in everything that we do for clients resulting in a deep commitment to our clients’ interests and earning their trust. We endeavor to make each client as a long-term, value-added partner

Unique History

In 1991, Roberto Ronquillo, a Civil Engineering graduate from the Philippine’s premiere state university had an idea for a unique product that he wanted to be protected thru a patent. With no experience then in Intellectual Property matters, he tried to seek assistance from several local law firms in the drafting and filing of his very first invention but was dismayed at the difficulty in communicating his idea as well as the prohibitive fees charged then. Frustrated, he decided to totally forgo the services of a patent agent and proceeded to draft his own patent application guided only by his research in the Philippine Patent Office. Without the aid of any patent attorney, Engineer Ronquillo managed to file his very first patent application in August 1991 and in less than a year’s time (1992), he was able to obtain a patent for his invention. This experience became the start of honing his expertise in filing the various intellectual property requirements for his family business for the next 10 years.

Often besieged by inquiries from friends (and sometimes, strangers) on how to go about in filing trademarks and patents, Engineer Ronquillo realized that there was a tremendous need for the services of an Intellectual property consultant in the Philippines, one who could provide a personal approach to the practice, guiding clients in all phases from concept to conclusion. Supported by his lawyer friends, Patentprose was formally established in 2001, initially with the simple mission of assisting fellow Filipinos in the filing and maintenance of their inventions and trademarks with the IPO. However, shortly after setting up the company, inquiries from associates all over the world started to come in and the rest is history. In 2007, Engineer Ronquillo joined the elite group of registered Philippine patent agents by passing the very first Patent Agent Qualifying Exam (PAQE) offered by the IPO Philippines.

Today, from its humble beginnings in 2001, Patentprose has built longstanding and firm relationships with clients worldwide and these have survived the test of time because of the quality and consistency of service that it provides to all of its clients.

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Patentprose exclusively specializes in providing intellectual property services in the Philippines. Our firm focuses on the prosecution of IP applications at IPOPHL until their allowance and registration as well as the maintenance/renewal of these registrations. Our small size and singular focus enable us to deliver high quality, personalized and fast services to our clients at the most competitive costs as we are able to avoid the high administrative overhead costs often associated with a larger firm setting. We currently cooperate with a wide network of foreign intellectual property firms worldwide and our broad list of international clients in the information technology, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, pharmaceutical, agribusiness, food manufacturing, and numerous other fields affirms our expertise and capability in this industry. We have built a strong relationship and networking with the various Bureaus within the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHL).

Litigation Partner

All our IP litigation and infringement cases are ably handled by our affiliate law firm (Ranada Malaya Sanchez Simpao& Ortega Law Office). This arrangement is seamless from the client's end as Patentprose continues to handle coordination and reporting/ updating on these cases to our clients. The cost-effective set-up allows Patentprose to focus efficiently and effectively on the very detailed aspects of trademark and patent applications prosecution, registration and maintenance.


Core Team

Engr. Roberto Ronquillo

Engr. Roberto Ronquillo
Managing Director
Registered Patent & Trademark Agent

Engr. Roberto Ronquillo’s extensive background as an inventor, patent and trademark agent, engineer and entrepreneur enables him to bring a unique combination of technical, creative and business experience to Patentprose.

He is a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering graduate from the country’s premiere state university, University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City. In 2007, he officially became a Registered Philippine Patent Agent, after successfully hurdling the very first Patent Agent Qualifying Exam (PAQE) offered by the IPO Philippines. In 2012 he was awarded as one of the “100 Outstanding Engineers of the Century”, a prestigious award given by his alma mater, the University of the Philippines.

Experience as an Engineer and Entrepreneur
In 1985, immediately after graduation from college, he had his first taste of becoming an entrepreneur when he established his own company engaged in the installation of communication antenna systems in the Philippines.

In 1987, in his desire to avoid the substantial costs of buying a brand new utility vehicle for his growing antenna installation business, he attempted to build his own utility vehicle thru self-study and using mostly surplus parts. The unexpected success of his first attempt encouraged him to establish a company engaged in the manufacture of low-cost AUV (Asian Utility Vehicles) and CBUs (completely built-up units) in 1988. In 1991, while on a road trip on a hot, sunny day, he suddenly hatched an idea for a product that would help reduce the heat inside a vehicle by improving the efficiency of the air-conditioning system. The product was a revolutionary multi-layered dashboard cover with UV inhibitors (commercially called “Dashield”) which became a huge commercial success among Philippine car owners. In 1992 he established the current family business engaged in the manufacture and distribution of locally manufactured accessories for automobiles (dashboard covers, bull-bars, bodykits, side skirts, claddings, cargo trays etc.). All accessories were designed by Engr Roberto himself and are each protected by patents.

Experience as an Inventor and Patent Agent
Engr Roberto officially became an inventor in 1992, when his own idea (a multi-layered dashboard cover with UV inhibitors) was granted a patent in 1992. Without the help of any patent agent and armed only with his desire to have his idea protected thru a patent, he managed to draft his own patent application thru his research at the Bureau of Patents (now IPOPHL) library. After receiving his first Philippine patent in 1992 and the commercial success of his first invention, he continued to develop and design more products mostly related to the automotive industry. In 2002, a petty theft of his vehicle’s side mirrors encouraged him to develop an automobile side mirror guard which he filed as an invention and was eventually granted registration. His creativity and ingenuity as an inventor was not confined to a single industry however. In 2001, driven by the need to have an efficient cleaning system for the gallon bottles of his water refilling business, he invented a unique mechanical bottle scrubber device which was eventually granted a Philippine Patent. In 2012, an ankle injury that left him temporarily disabled led him to the idea of inventing a device designed to aid persons with foot and ankle injuries. In 2018, during the construction of a new office building, he developed an idea for a long span aluminum louver assembly for which a patent application is currently pending.

Engr Roberto formally established Patentprose in 2001, realizing that there was a tremendous need for the services of an Intellectual property consultant in the Philippines and that he himself already had ample knowledge then in the filing and prosecution of trademark and patent applications as well as in dealing with the IPOPHL. He became a certified Philippine Patent agent in 2007.

As an inventor, he has filed no less than 65 patents in his name to-date (inventions, industrial designs and utility models combined) – arguably, a remarkable feat that no other registered patent agent in the Philippines can boast of. Such a vast experience no doubt brings creativity to the patenting process whenever necessary.

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Atty. Noel Sanchez

Atty. Noel Sanchez
Legal Counsel

Atty. Noel Sanchez is currently the Managing Partner of Patentprose’s litigation arm - the Ranada Malaya Sanchez Simpao & Ortega Law Firm. He is a seasoned litigator with experience in litigation of intellectual property cases, including inter-partes case including inter-partes case before the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines, actions to enjoin infringement of patents and trademarks and unfair competition, accounting of profits and imposition of criminal penalties. His other areas of specialization include labor law (labor relations & labor standards compliance, unionization issues, employee dismissal and separation cases, representation and advocacy before government labor offices) and corporate law (corporate organization&reorganizations, intra-corporate relations and government compliances, and conducting legal due diligence and implementation of acquisitions, mergers, joint ventures, shareholder agreements for various companies). He is Director and Corporate Secretary of various corporations. He is an A.B. Political Science(cum laude) graduate from the Ateneo de Manila University and holds a Bachelor of Laws (with honors) from the Ateneo Law School.He was admitted to the Philippine Bar in 1981, garnering 7th place among all bar examinee passers.

Pauline Ronquillo

Pauline Ronquillo
Intellectual Property Specialist

Pauline Ronquillo holds a Business Administration Degree (BSBA) and a Masters in Business Administration degree (MBA) from the University of the Philippines. Her first working experience was her involvement in a United Nations (UN) funded science & technology research project for the University of the Philippines Science Research Foundation (UPSRF) . She likewise served as one of the first newsletter Editors for the Haribon Foundation (the Philippine’s first environmental awareness group) – an experience which further honed her talent in technical and business writing.This was followed by her work as a Brand Manager tasked with overseeing the marketing and production for various international luxury products for a leading Philippine marketing firm. As a founding member of Patentprose, she now has almost 2 decades of experience in handling IP matters.

Marit Sanchez

Marit Sanchez
Intellectual Property Specialist

Marit Sanchez holds a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics degree (magna cum laude) from the University of the Philippines and a Masters in Business Administration degree from the Ateneo de Manila University. She has been handling intellectual property matters for Patentprose for almost 2 decades. She has extensive professional experience in the areas of business management, strategic planning and project development. Her first work was with the Actuarial Department of a leading life insurance company. She worked for more than 20 years with the largest food & beverage conglomerate in the Philippines where she became involved in corporate planning and new business development. With her management experience in the Philippines and exposure to business operations in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, USA and Spain, she was also engaged as a management consultant by various companies in the private and government sector.

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